WTF---Bluetooth-Low-EnergyTechnology…it’s complicated, complex and downright intimidating! The terms alone scare people, and yet their fascination for it continues to grow, and so does ours. That’s why we’re taking one for the team and diving right in. Weeding through the jargon and breaking it down for you in plain English in what we like to call “WTF” (What it is, The Way it Works, & Future Applications)Clever right?!

In this month’s issue we’ve covered everything you need to know, and understand, about Bluetooth Low Energy. Click here for all of the deets!

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Sparks-SAP-Ex-AwardsThe Ex Awards are infamously known for honoring the best campaigns within the event marketing space. Each year the Editor’s of Event Marketing Magazine “sift through more than 850 event programs submitted across 26 categories to find those experiences that not only broke through the clutter, but also broke the mold”. Sparks is overly thrilled to announce that at this years’ gala, we broke that mold! Alongside SAP, Sparks received the Best Single Marketing B2B Event Ex Award for SAP SAPPHIRE NOW!

SAP_Sparks_ExAwardsEvent Marketer’s reason behind the win:
WHY IT’S A WINNER. SAPPHIRE NOW is a perennial example of the best in b-to-b event marketing, and last year SAP found a way to take its well-known campus format to the next level by using its expertise in evergreen experiences to give its customers some sweet ROI for their time.

TRENDS IN ACTION. SAP is a leader in the realm of “customer-centric” event marketing. No longer obsessed with grabbing up all the ROI for itself, SAP in 2013 proved it will do anything to facilitate relationships between its customers and stakeholders. And get everyone the win as a result.

THE CASE STUDY. SAP went into SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 with three very clear objectives: design the whole event from the attendees’ points of view and meet their needs first; transform the legacy conference from a “marketing program” into a useful tool for its account executives to use for sales development; and make the investment pay off via awareness of SAP’s solutions–and expand the sales pipeline. To meet these customer-centric objectives, the brand re-engineered the event’s entire content structure to make it as authentically relevant to the attendees as possible. Keynotes and sessions referred to specific solutions located in the exhibit halls; a new content channel was launched called SAP Forums, to offer specialized content for 12 specific industries and lines of business; and a dedicated Meet Our Customers area was constructed on the show floor to allow for a 100-percent customer-to-customer networking and solutions experience. It wasn’t all about the on-site education, either. SAP activated in the Orlando Airport to check attendees in while they waited for their baggage, and more than 60 percent of them got their badges before they even got to the event. For the customers who wanted to get some top-level face time, SAP invited them into the Executive Meeting Center, where customers engaged in executive-level discussions with SAP experts, executives and thought leaders. There were hundreds of small and large touches that added up to a customer experience like no other b-to-b show has ever offered.

RESULTS. This was the most successful SAPPHIRE NOW event in the 25-year history of the program. Post-show surveys showed a 13 percent increase in the likelihood of attendees to recommend the conference to a friend or colleague over 2012, and the brand reported a 27 percent increase in the engagement of customers with relevant content, measured with activity scans. Basically, every metric they measured came in awesome. No surprise here. Check out the video HERE.

AND As if the award wasn’t enough – For the first time in Sparks history, the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW event was up for the best of the best – the Grand Ex award and came in 3rd out of over 850 entries!

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Sparks is a proud sponsor of EMS 2014 in Salt Lake City! EMS is the leading executive training conference on experiential marketing. Discover a year’s worth of trends and case studies in just three days. Learn about Experiential Retail with our Chairman, Jeff Harrow, or relax at the Women in Events Paint Bar Mixer. Check it out! Jeffrey Read Full Article →

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“One of the top five most influential builders on the list,” says Event Marketer. Find out how Sparks earned its stripes and why the entire industry is talking about our work.

Also, don’t miss David Sudjian, President, as he sits down with EM and shares how a deeper level of strategy helps Sparks’ clients drive more value from its tradeshows and events.

Click to read the article!

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Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 9.56.24 AM

Sparks is thrilled to announce that Dax Callner, SVP of Strategy, has been selected to present three sessions at EXHIBITOR 2014! A recent addition to the Sparks crew, Callner cut his teeth at Jack Morton and Momentum Worldwide, and in 2012 co-founded the marketing consultancy, Crux.

He brings over 15 years of experience in the development of event marketing strategies, tradeshow initiatives, digital and social campaigns, street-marketing, user conferences and consumer events. He has also led the strategy formation behind many of the world’s top brands including P&G, Merck, General Mills, American Express, Pitney Bowes, The Home Depot, Microsoft, Intel, eBay and many others. Dax is also in the process of writing a book focused on social media archetypes. Read Full Article →

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